Thank you for your inquiry on our home delivery service. Please find below some useful information.

  • Minimum order is RM80.00. The delivery is free of additional charge – however the order must at least RM80. We appreciate that you might not know in advance precisely how much your cleaning charges will be however if you are comfortable with a minimum charge of RM80 we are happy to collect.
  • Delivery and collection times. We are happy to deliver and collect on the day of you choosing (but not Sundays). Unfortunately we are unable to provide specific times as routes are dynamic and traffic conditions vary. We will always try and call you prior to coming to your house. If we are unable to reach you we will arrange for delivery or collection the following day.
  • Prices. Many of the items are cleaned at the base price. We do however charge extra for things such as silk, difficult pressing (ie.multiple layers, difficult pressing. ornaments, bad and time consuming stains and so forth).
  • Your detailed invoice. After your garments are collected by our driver we will send you an invoice by email –normally within 24 hours of collection. Your invoice will provide you with a detailed accounting of your articles as well as the total amount due.
  • Payment. Payment is made at the time garments are returned to you. There are three ways to pay:
  1. We much prefer a cheque. If paying by check please make payable to Cornerstone Quality Sdn Bhd.
  2. Online banking through Maybank2U. Our Maybank account number is 5144-4011-5502
    a) Enter our email address (info@jeevesmalaysia.com) on Maybank2U when you make the payment  or
    b) Fax us your Maybank2U receipt at 7772-4273
  3. Our driver accepts cash however we try to avoid this if possible.
  • Timing. We will return your garments the same day the following week (assuming you are home of course on that day!)

  • On demand or weekly? Many of our clients simply want us to show up the same day every week. Other clients would prefer that we come on an as needed basis. Just let us know what suits you. 

  • How do I book a collection? It’s perhaps easiest to do online at www.JeevesMalaysia.com. We will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively you can call our offices at 7785-3884.

Home delivery does not suit everybody for various reasons. We have four lovely shops (and lovely people staffing them!) strategically located that you can visit. Details are available on the web page. All have easy access:

    • Bangsar Shopping Center – curb side parking has been arranged at the side entrance to the mall
    • Bangsar Jalan Maarof – dedicated parking lot
    • Intermark mall – our own dedicated parking spots in the garage just feet from our shop. Free parking

I would add that there are benefits to visiting a shop. The invoice is calculated immediately, thorough inspections happen in your presence, no minimum order value (of course) and garments are ready in 3-4 working days (as opposed to 7 days for home collection).

With kind regards,

Your man Jeeves